Refurbishing Technician

Help Wanted Vending CareersMajor Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Professional, timely communication with all customers and HRI Inc., staff that will allow us to fulfill our mission of delivering a game changing customer experience
  • Performs required vending equipment refurbishment duties as needed such as;
  • Follow vending machine checklists to ensure machine is clean and functioning
  • Paint vending machine to company and customer standards to allow for resale
  • Assist with trouble shooting minor machine problems
  • Warehouse organization, overall cleanliness and safe for our staff and customers
  • Organize and inventory warehouse materials
  • Help with minor maintenance in the office if needed
  • All other warehouse projects and duties as assigned
  • Adjust or replace equipment parts, such as rollers, belts, plugs, or caps, using hand tools.
  • Carry needed tools or supplies from storage or trucks and return them after use.
  • Maintain equipment storage areas to ensure that inventory is protected.
  • Record numbers of units handled or moved, using daily production sheets or work tickets.
  • Shovel material, such as gravel, ice, or spilled concrete, into containers or bins or onto conveyors.
  • Wash work areas, machines, equipment, vehicles, or products.
  • Remove products, machine attachments, or waste material from machines.
  • Record information, such as the number of products tested, meter readings, or dates and times of product production.
  • Observe equipment operations so that malfunctions can be detected, and notify operators of any malfunctions.
  • Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances.
  • Change machine gears, using wrenches.
  • Clean and lubricate equipment.
  • Examine products to verify conformance to quality standards.

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