Whether its full-time or part-time, starting your vending machine business is not only affordable, but within the reach of virtually any budget. 

Find out how easy it is to start earning income with a modest investment in new or refurbished machines from HRI Vending. From helping you secure financing to providing you with the tools necessary to become successful in the vending industry such as FREE training at our facility, we’ll help your every step of the way!

After exploring the sections below, just call us at (262) 679-1328 or drop us a line through our contact form to get started today! 

Everything You Need to Know!

TargetHRI Vending is most concerned with vending businesses receiving a return on their investment. Having goals in mind and knowing what it will take to achieve those goals is crucial.

Starting your vending business on solid ground requires understanding what you are looking to accomplish. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are your financial goals?
  • How much are you prepared to invest?
  • Do you want to run your vending business full-time or part-time?

Over our 30+ year history, HRI Vending has helped entrepreneurs to achieve a steady income and a maximum return on their investments. Our team will help you answer the questions above, and we’ll listen to your questions to make sure that you understand what you need to know before applying for financing or investing your hard earned dollars.

Let’s say your financial goal is to make a $58,500 annual income. To achieve that, you’ll need to purchase or finance 15 machines for a total investment of $45,000 to generate $1,125 per week in sales.

Vending Machine Business: Investment

Snack MachinesHRI Vending provides the best, most reliable new and refurbished vending equipment.

Our new machines are manufactured in the USA with fully welded cabinets. Many are Energy Star rated, ADA compliant, and include eco-friendly features such as long life LED lighting, CFC-Free R134a modular refrigeration system, high efficiency insulation, and fuel saving remote telemetry options for monitoring of snack and soda product inventory and service needs. 

In our refurbished division, HRI Vending has a leading technical staff with a combined rich experience that guarantees a supreme quality, backed with a 90 day parts warranty. 

FinancingHRI Vending provides factory direct or private finance options to meet any budget. When you choose HRI Vending, you’re adopted into the family, and we’ll work with you to make the right financing decisions.

Our finance partners include:

ClickLease and HRI Vending have partnered to provide industry-leading vending machine equipment for a low monthly payment customized to fit your budget. You can apply and get approval in just a few minutes – no hard credit pull. 

Vending Machine LocationsLocating accounts can take many hours, days or even weeks. That’s time better spent on more important things — like running your business or spending time with your family.

We are partnered with a vending locator that can assist you with finding the right location. Just ask us for more information and we will get you in contact with a professional. We will also assist you with designing new and/or refurbished vending equipment packages to fit both the physical space and selecting products that will meet the product tastes customers in your chosen locations. 

In addition, you can rely on HRI Vending for expert repairs, telephone support and helpful documents designed to assist you with getting started in the vending industry.

HRI Vending ServiceHRI Vending provides preventative maintenance on your vending machines to protect your profits by performing regular check-ups on your equipment before there is a problem.

We offer various plans to fit every need and budget!

HRI Vending is your partner in reaching your financial goals and making your business generate income year-after-year. Contact us today at (262) 679-1328 or just fill out the form below to turn your dreams of starting a vending machine business into a reality!