Case Study: Revitalize Business Operations with HRI Vending Solutions

Case Study: Revitalizing Business
Operations with HRI Vending Solutions

Client Overview
Our client, a small-scale vending machine company, was struggling to generate consistent
revenue and expand its operations. Despite having a handful of machines in high-traffic areas,
the company was facing operational challenges that hindered its growth.

The Problem
The company’s issues stemmed from outdated vending machines, lack of access to financing, and the absence of training resources. Without modern machines equipped with credit card readers, the client was missing out on potential sales. The lack of financing options made it difficult for the client to invest in new machines and expand into new locations. Lastly, the absence of proper training resources affected the company’s overall operational efficiency.

The HRI Vending Solution
HRI Vending stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution for the client’s problems. We
worked closely with the client to understand their needs and offered tailored services to address their unique challenges.

1. Financing: We offered flexible financing options without a hard credit pull. Our client was
approved for up to $20,000 within minutes, enabling them to invest in new and refurbished
2. Machines: We helped the client select the right machines for their locations. The refurbished
machines, costing $2,395 each, came with setup, training, and new vendor resources.
3. Credit Card Readers: To increase sales, we added credit card readers to the machines and
provided easy-to-follow instructions for online account setup.
4. Training: We provided free training on using the new machines, allowing the client to operate
them optimally and handle basic troubleshooting.
5. Location Services: To help the client expand their operations, we connected them with our
vending business locator partner.

The Results
Thanks to our comprehensive vending solutions, our client experienced significant
improvements in their operations and revenue.

1. Increased Sales: With the addition of credit card readers, our client saw a 35% increase in
sales within the first three months.
2. Expanded Operations: The approved financing enabled our client to purchase new
machines and expand into five additional locations, driving a 50% increase in revenue.
3. Improved Operational Efficiency: The training we provided reduced the client’s downtime by 60%, significantly improving their operational efficiency.

Our solution not only helped the client overcome their immediate challenges but also set them
up for long-term success. The client is now on a steady growth trajectory and is looking to
further expand its operations.

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