BOOK VENDING MACHINE – Explore a diverse selection of books in various sizes with our innovative vending machines. Simply make a selection for the desired book and grab your book to enjoy reading! These convenient machines are great for schools and community centers alike. We can customize any of our book machines to be set on free vend, or to accept tokens/vend bucks instead of cash upon request. 



LAUNDRY VENDING MACHINE – Laundry vending machines offer a hassle-free solution for obtaining laundry essentials. Simply insert your payment, select your desired product – whether it’s detergent, fabric softener, or dryer sheets – and the machine dispenses the item for your convenience. It’s quick, convenient, and ensures you have everything you need for fresh, clean laundry in one convenient stop.




RETAIL VENDING MACHINE – Do you have products that you would like to vend out of a vending machine 24/7? A retail vending machine streamlines the shopping experience with its simple process. Just approach the machine, browse the available products displayed in the machine, make a selection, and complete the purchase by inserting payment. The machine dispenses the chosen item swiftly and efficiently, providing a convenient shopping solution for on-the-go customers. A product sample will be required to begin setup to ensure that your product dispenses properly. Unsure if your idea for a customized vending machine will work?


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