1. What services do you offer for new vendors?

At HRI Vending, we provide a comprehensive range of services for new vendors. These include financing options with no hard credit pull, machine setup with desired products and prices, and free training at our location. We also offer resources such as Refreshment Surveys, Vending FAQ documents, and step-by-step credit card reader instructions to help your business succeed.

2. What is the cost of your vending machines?

Our refurbished machines are priced at $2,395 each. The cost of new machines varies depending on your vending needs. These prices include machine setup, training, and new vendor resources.

3. Do you offer credit card readers?

Yes, we do offer credit card readers. You can add a credit card reader to your machine for $435, and we will install it prior to delivery. There is no additional charge for installation when you add on the card reader with a purchase of vending machine, before it’s delivered. If you want to add one on to an existing machine, please complete a service request form to purchase a card reader and schedule installation.

4. What about delivery and shipping?

We offer a white-glove delivery service, making machine deliveries weekly. If you’re out of state, we can ship the machine to you. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

5. What training do you provide?

We offer training on your new machine purchase at our location, at no cost to you when completed before delivery. This opportunity allows you to learn how to fill your machine and ask any questions about operating it.

6. Do you assist in finding locations for vending machines?

We have recently partnered with a vending business locator, which has helped locate thousands of vending locations for hundreds of vendors across the United States and Canada. Please contact us for more information and we are happy to make the connection.

7. What if my machine needs troubleshooting or repair?

We offer basic troubleshooting during normal business hours. If your machine needs a repair, you can request a service call by completing a service request form on our website. We will dispatch an experienced, factory-trained technician to repair your machine.

8. What resources do you provide for starting a vending machine business?

We provide links to resources by request, such as the IRS website for starting a business, the SBA Learning Center, and referrals to a local CPA for setting up an LLC and requesting an IRS EIN. We also recommend finding your local SBDC, a free resource funded by the Small Business Association.

9. How do I contact you for further questions or assistance?

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any other questions at (262) 679-1328 or reply to our email. You can also complete a contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.