At HRI Vending, Inc., we strive to provide you with the best possible services to meet your everyday needs. Please request a personal Zoom meeting for the following:

  • Vending machine consultation
  1. Discuss new or refurbished equipment
  2. Locating services
  • Starting a new vending machine company
  • Minor service call services ($25.00 per quarter hour)
  1. Coin mech and bill validator set-up,  how to fill coin mech or validator and collect money, filling product, correct vend position
  2. Machine set-up services (for machines not purchased through HRI)
  • Business Consulting Services (free one hour consultation)
  1. Business startup consultation
  2. Bookkeeping services
  3. Advisory board services
  4. Creating both long-term and short-term business plans 
  5. Strategic planning 
  6. Budget recommendations
  7. Development of business best practices and procedures
  8. Development of human resource policies and procedures
  9. Personnel job description creation, recruitment, development and retention 
  10. Provide collaborative tools and ideas tailored to your business needs

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