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Narcan Harm Reduction Vending Machines For Sale

Narcan Harm Reduction Vending Machines For Sale

HRI Vending Inc. is proud to offer Harm Reduction Vending Machines that provide easy access to products such as life-saving medications, Narcan, for individuals who may be at risk of opioid overdose. Our mission is to combat the opioid epidemic and prevent overdose deaths by making these customized machines more widely available in public places, such as community centers, police stations and harm reduction organizations looking to make a difference in their communities.

Our Harm Reduction Vending Machines are user-friendly and easy to vend. No prescription or identification is required to access the machine, making it easier for individuals to obtain harm reduction products when they need it most. In fact, HRI Vending Inc. has successfully provided these vending machines to multiple locations in Milwaukee County, where they help save lives and prevent overdoses.

In addition to providing Narcan, our vending machines have also been specially customized for Fentanyl Test Strips, Medication Lock Bags, and Gun Locks. Our certified and trained technicians can customize  the machines for various other harm reduction products. Whether you’re looking to distribute life-saving products, provide educational resources, or raise awareness about harm reduction, our customized vending machines are the perfect tool for your mission. 

By installing our Harm Reduction Vending Machines, you can be part of the solution to fight the opioid epidemic and make a positive impact in your community. Contact us today to learn more about our vending machines and how we can help you save lives in your area.

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