Wisconsin Narcan Vending Machines

HRI Vending is playing an important role in Milwaukee’s new harm reduction and prevention strategy aimed at combating the rising number of drug-related deaths in the area.

The company is providing vending machines stocked with essential supplies such as Narcan, fentanyl testing strips, and safe injection supplies, all available free of charge.

The vending machines are set to be deployed in key neighborhoods that have been heavily affected by the crisis.

This innovative approach has already garnered support from local officials who believe that it’s a “totally commonsense approach” to help those who are struggling with addiction. With the vending machines set to be customized and delivered to key locations in December, the project is well on its way to helping those who need it the most.

If your community is looking for a safe, convenient, and effective way to access Narcan and other life-saving supplies, look no further than HRI Vending.

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