Educational Experiences

The HRI Vending family appreciates and values education and supporting students learning experiences.  For the past few years, HRI Vending has had the privilege of supporting educational experiences.  We have partnered with Grand Canyon University and Muskego Norway Schools in the establishment of internship and co-op programs.  Our students have gained experience in hands-on technical skills, development and execution of community fundraising programs, business plan development and administrative experiences.  Our students have taught us many things as the future leaders in our community.  We welcome all students in support of their dreams.

Ella Leeland

My name is Ella Leeland. I am a senior at Muskego High School. Next year I am going to college as a pre-medicine student.

In the future I hope to attend medical school and become an anesthesiologist.

I am very invested in my future and working with HRI is helping me expand my professional horizon.

Mark Isaac Mwesigwa

I am currently an International student from Uganda at Grand Canyon University going into my 2nd year. I am majoring in Business management with a minor in psychology as well.

My personal interests include painting abstracts, kayaking, road trips, reading fun fact articles about psychology and competitive swimming.

My future professional goals include to be able to acquire great networking skills, have new working experiences, attain leadership roles, be able to earn a stable income, further my studies in both business and psychology in order to be able to gain expertise in both those fields.