Credit Readers for Vending Machines

HRI Vending’s professional installers can mount a card reader in any new and refurbished vending equipment. Credit card reader installations can be handled in our warehouse prior to machine delivery, or on-site at your existing accounts.

As a a designated reseller for Cantaloupe, the leader in secure, unattended cashless transaction technology, so you can be rest assured that your machine will be outfitted with the most advanced credit card readers on the market.

A BIG (Profitable!) Difference

Why add a credit card reader to your existing vending machine? The average consumer is carrying less cash and are more in favor of using credit or debit cards. Purchasers around the world made 417 billion in cashless payments in 2014 – an increase of 34% since 2010. Only 9% of American’s prefer to use cash, while 78% prefer to use credit or debit cards. When offering just coin or cash options in your vending machines, you are omitting a huge consumer market and potential sales, because more payment options = more sales!

A 2019 study from the University of Michigan found that credit card based vending outperform cash only systems, resulting in a 26% increase in total transactions and  7% growth in spending per transaction. The study also found that vending operators with less than less than $2,000 per year in sales saw an average 110% spike in sales growth after installing credit card readers in only 18 months!

Vendors who have implemented card readers report high return on investment as well. The number of vending machines that accept credit and debit cards has reached 30% over cash, with another 15% boost from mobile payment apps. The highest percentage ever recorded!

More Convenience = More sales!

Card readers are not only easier for your customers but allow for more vending selections at one time! In one swipe, your customer can receive multiple products. This quick process can persuade someone to buy two or three items instead of one. 

More Efficiencies = More Sales!

As a vending machine owner, managing your time and money is critical. USA Technologies Remote Management feature allows you to manage your machines remotely using any mobile device. You’ll gain access to real time sales and inventory data, which translates into across the board savings for route fuel costs, labor costs and increased machine deployment.

HRI is now an official distributor of NAYAX

Nayax offers exclusive and important revenue generating and costs savings features coming from the international Engineering leader of cashless technology that engineers and manufactures the cashless devices and software supporting systems on 100’s of 1000’s of unattended machines in 60+ countries and banks with 45 financial institutions worldwide, accepting 26 currencies. Why does this matter to our customers? Because it allows Nayax to exclusively offer you many important money generating and efficiency saving features at no additional cost to our customers.

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Listen to Harry Kozlovsky – Sr Director of Solution Sales at Nayax explain the difference between Nayax readers and other readers.