Kayak Rental Kiosks


There is a locker system that houses the PPE and paddles and then a rack system for the Kayaks and paddle boards.

The customer must agree to all the liability waivers on the touch screen and then select the type watercraft they want (currently single or double kayaks or Paddle boards), how many hours they want to rent it for and then swipe their credit card.

The door to their PPE opens and the watercraft unlocks and away they go!

To return the equipment, the customer swipes the same card and the machine matches the last 4 numbers and re-opens/unlocks their spaces and they return everything.

The machine tells them if they have not closed the locker door or locked in the kayak properly and then computes how long they have had them out and up-charges if necessary.

NOTE: Kayak Kiosks are producing greater than 100% ROI (Return on Investment) in one season.

Kayak Vending Machines

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