Credit Card Reader Kit & Installation Service

Provide your customers with a cashless option by the installation of a card reader.

HRI Vending’s certified technician’s can install a card reader in new or refurbished vending equipment in the field.

We will supply the kits and expertise to allow for the install of just one or multiple units to outfit your locations with this option.

HRI is now an official distributor of NAYAX

Nayax offers exclusive and important revenue generating and costs savings features coming from the international Engineering leader of cashless technology that engineers and manufactures the cashless devices and software supporting systems on 100’s of 1000’s of unattended machines in 60+ countries and banks with 45 financial institutions worldwide, accepting 26 currencies. Why does this matter to our customers? Because it allows Nayax to exclusively offer you many important money generating and efficiency saving features at no additional cost to our customers.

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Listen to Harry Kozlovsky – Sr Director of Solution Sales at Nayax explain the difference between Nayax readers and other readers.

Below is more information about Nayax

EMV Both Chip and Tap Enabled –Nayax has been Chip and Tap for 4 years in the US

Instant Power up and Power Down Alerts through the hardware allowing our customers to instantly know if their machine is down or up to prevent loss of sales

Vandalism and Water Resistant

Nayax builds Customer Engagement into their hardware

Nayax readers speak to the customer and guides them through the transaction by voice and says thank you went completed

Monyx Rewards and Loyalty Wallet App – “Shake Me” feature will give your customers free money after every purchase and also Nayax gives a 10% bonus (a free $2.50 for every $25 the customer would spend)

Interactive Touchscreen that can be branded with up to 2 graphics from the operator

Accepts transactions in Pre-selection Mode

Prevents customer angst and confusion so that customers do not get charged a constant Pre-authorization higher amount then they paid

LAN/Wifi Port Built-in

If our customers encounter any locations that cannot get a consistent cellular signal (rural areas, basement, steel, concrete encased buildings etc…) they are not stuck in cash if they have access to an ethernet cable or wifi in a location and they can still process transactions.

MOMA – Phone App to see sales (and offers inventory) from the comfort of your phone

Touch Free Vending  – Coming Soon